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I planned to write this post 7 hours from now, but as I sit up at 3:49am on the verge of my first vacation in 2 years and on the heels of a beta launch of the new, I figure there’s no better time to type. This particular blog post is one of those introspective type scenarios, where I talk about what I’m doing and slip in some domain names to help boost the click thru ratings. Turns out, I’m not going to talk about what I’m doing, I’m going to talk about what I’m not doing.

For one, I’m not buying any new domains, which sucks because I’ve had a few great ideas over the last week and am refusing to budge. At this exact moment I have 35 domains and if I had to guess, only a third of them have live sites on them. I generally buy domains and put a time to live on them. If I can’t get a site up in 12 months, then I let it expire. That rule worked out well to keep in an a high number of revolving domains that I wasn’t doing jack with to supplement the sites that I do have up and running.

My new plan is to ditch the weekend project sites. If it only takes a weekend, I’m going to leave the idea open to some Hacker News pipe dreaming wanna be entrepreneur (you know the guys, the ones that “quit” their jobs and then post “well now what guys?!”). My time is being more forcefully allocated towards bigger projects and incidentally, projects I’m a bit more passionate about. No logistics at this time, but I think within the next year or so I’m going to be down to less than 10 domains and they will all be up and running in some capacity. That’s my little pipe dream 😉

No updates next week as I’m going on vacation and will be attempting to stay off the computer as much as possible. Also, for the record, fuck all the idea guys out there that can’t code… there’s a rant coming up about you and it’s a long time coming.

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