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I’ll admit it, I’ll fire up a web browser for some things that could easily be accomplished with php -a (or any other interactive shell that I don’t frequent). Sad part is, I typically Google it and then end up landing on the same handful of sites. In an attempt to consolidate my burden to one site, I’ve started putting together gravityBlvd:tools.

It’s about as ugly as my blog for the time being and has a very limited number of online tools available, but it will be receiving some love over the next few months as I identify and rebuild my favorite online tools. Since most of the sites similar to this that I frequent specialize in PHP syntax, I’ve decided to add the syntax for a few different languages and hoping to encourage people to submit the syntax for their favorite language in the future to help make it a more complete list.

I’m contemplating releasing the site so anyone can fork it and add additional tools, if anyone’s interested hit me up and I’ll expedite this claim.

In other news, I made blueberry jam today and it was divine.

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