… to completely sway my opinion of the brand. The Friday before Father’s Day I broke down and bought a 27” iMac to replace my 4 year old Dell PC with absolutely no intention of running Linux on it. Since then, I coerced my employer to upgrade the dev team to 27” iMacs (just 2 of us, and we needed to buy a new system for the new guy anyway), I swapped my wife’s laptop out for a 13” Macbook Air and swapped out our janky OG iPad for The New iPad. Only thing we’re missing right now is an AirPort Extreme and an Apple TV to round things out.

So yeah, I’m pretty convinced at this point. Couple of high points:

  • Yeah, for the most part, it really just fucking works
  • Tight coupling of apps, especially across devices, is absolutely amazing
  • It’s still UNIX under the hood and with a little research I’ve been able to get a local development environment without a virtual machine
  • Beautiful hardware can make the room

It took years for me to finally get it. It’s not that you’re spending more on side by side comparison of hardware, you’re paying a premium for an amazing experience. So that being said, I owe a few people apologies because I’ve been a stubborn SOB and have been giving people shit this while time. Stovak, GOLIVER, H.D. Jones, Danny J., DaveR, AlisonMF, Dr. Birla’s Son … my bad, for reals. I won’t be giving anyone any shit for running Linux, but seriously, if you still run Windows, I will continue to persecute you like a witch in Salem.

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