How to write files to disk with PHP

Saving files to disk is a pretty simple task in PHP with file_put_contents(). Here’s how to write a string to a file:

$string = 'I AM STRING!!'
file_put_contents('/path/to/destination', $string

It is generally good practice to only do with when you are dealing with smaller strings as you can run into memory errors if you are trying to assemble a super large string. In situations where this may occur, you can rely on our trusty filesystem functions and write to the file line by line:

$file = fopen('/path/to/destination', 'w'

for ($i = 0 $i <= 1000000 $i++)
	fwrite($file, $i . "n"


For the most part file_put_contents will get the job done, but if not, you can still get the job done!

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