Google Places PHP Library

I tend to shy away from these self gratifying posts about my own open source contributions, but I’m going to make the exception because this particularly library has been receiving quote a few downloads this month. I’m unsure for the increase, but my Google Places PHP Library has had over 100 downloads this month as of the time of this writing.

The library itself was created some time ago because at the time I couldn’t find [what I considered] a good PHP library for Google Places. The best I came across was Google-Places—PHP- which fine but made the assumption that you already knew a lot of the quirks of the Google Places API. I didn’t necessarily fall into this assumption and really wanted a library that was smart enough so that I wouldn’t need to worry about such things.

I initially was going to fork & fix but the extent of my changes were going to be too drastic, so I opted to build my own library and release it. You can read more about it, check out the usage documentation and get the code over on GitHub.

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