Looping through a date range with PHP

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Looping through a date range isn’t as simple as looping through an array with foreach but it doesn’t take much additional code to get the job done. To loop through a date range you will need to use a loop (I prefer a while loop) and increment the date by using strtotime. I’ll convert the timestamp back to a human readable date as well just because I prefer to work with data I can read (because I’m a human and all ;)

$date = '2014-08-01'

while ($date <= '2014-08-31')
	echo $date . "\n";

	$date = date('Y-m-d', strtotime($date . ' +1 day'));

Not much to it! The conversion back to Y-m-d is just my personal preference. You can easily omit that and use UNIX timestamps instead if you’d like.

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