Putting the “SH*T” in Joshtronic

You may remember last December when I discussed my first impressions of the Nintendo Wii U system. Overall, I was pleased with the system with one small exception, the fact that “joshtronic” was deemed as inappropriate by the filters in place.

I let it slide at the time and went with another username (olive2, don’t ask). Recently though, I got to revisit this as I was setting up a username on the game Bravely Default. First off, I highly recommend the game even though I  find some of the gameplay elements maxed out too quickly. The ability to adjust your encounter frequency up and down (all the way to zero encounters) made it really great to grind as well as run around uninterrupted while trying to quest / advance the storyline.

Back on track, I attempted to use “joshtronic” and I ran into the same issue with the name being inappropriate. Never finding resolve previously, I decided to go through a few different names and see what could be throwing off the filter. Here’s how it went:

  • “josh” – good
  • “tronic” – good
  • “joshtronic” – bad
  • “josht” – bad
  • “htronic” – good

That’s about the time it hit me, the filter was catching “sht” and deeming it inappropriate. I assume this is because it’s so similar to the word “shit”. At this point I opted to throw in an * between “josh” and “tronic” to get around the filter. If I had to speculate, I would think some other inappropriate words would include “fck” and maybe even “pss”.

Mystery solved, but it still doesn’t explain why I am able to have my StreePass phrase set to “joshtronic.com”. I’ve had to build these sort of filters before so I know the plight of trying to catch the bad while allowing the good stuff through. It’s hard, but more often than naught there’s a way around it anyway 😉

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