How to reverse a string with PHP

Reversing a string in most languages is a pretty trivial task. In PHP we have a
dedicated strrev function to do so:

$string  = 'This is my awesome string!'
$reverse = strrev($string

But what if this function didn’t exist? How would you go about reversing the
string? For me, I’d loop through the string from back to forward build out a
new string. You can event accomplish this a couple of different ways!

For loop with substring

$string  = 'This is how you reverse with a for loop.'
$reverse = ''
$length  = strlen($string) - 1

for ($i = $length $i >= 0 $i--) {
    $reverse .= substr($string, $i, 1

String to array

$string  = 'This is how you reverse with a for loop.'
$string  = str_split($string


$reverse = implode('', $string

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