Going to make this brief since it’s Easter and I forgot to blog ahead of time
this week. So I’ve recently been hanging out on a few Slack teams. One with the
work crew, one with my small group of tech friends and a couple of “public”
teams with local developers and/or tech tourists. Work and chatting with my
people is always a solid experience. Some shit is given, some shit is received.

What I’d like to point out is how difficult I find those other teams to be. I
used to think that it was just teenagers that are just awful to eachother on
the internet for absolutely no reason. I was wrong, the Greater Internet
Fuckwad Theory
is alive and well across the generation gap.

A younger version of me would most likely, probably, definitely be
involved with giving out shit to any and everyone. At this point in my life,
I’ve simply been opting out of the conversation.

Perhaps I’m just butthurt because it seems like you can’t mention PHP without
facing some sort of peanut gallery wisecrack. Maybe it’s that I don’t respect
9-to-5 developers. Perhaps I’ve grown up just enough to not only view
constantly ridiculing people as the polar opposite of producitivity but also
seeing people like that makes me think about how much of an internet fuckwad
I’ve been in the past.

Anyway, probably going to excuse myself from those groups soon. Ain’t nobody
got time for that. Happy Easter, Passover or whatever else you’re getting into

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