Knowing when to quit

A few months back I wrote a post about staying motivated by continuing
and how having streaks can keep you motivated even when you
are struggling. Just the thought of breaking a streak, especially one that’s a
few years old is terrifying.

Right now, I am terrified.

After two years, I am giving up on my PHP blog, PHP Avenue. Why?
Because I’m not passionate about it. I was reflecting on the situation this
morning and I couldn’t remember why the hell I even started the blog in the
first place.

Not knowing why I am doing something is scarier than quitting.

As I said, I am just not passionate about writing about PHP anymore. In fact, I
am not very passionate about PHP at all at this point in my life. Shit happens
and quite frankly I am glad to be swinging a different hammer.

What about my audience? Will I be letting them down by just sudden cessation of
the blog? Sadly, I don’t think I built that good of an audience. It’s not that
I don’t care about them, but when you are sending out emails to over 100 people
a week and you never get any feedback you start to wonder if anyone is really
reading your stuff. Maybe they are all bots or something, who knows.

I’m sad to be quitting something but I’m happy to be taking something else off
of my plate. The blog wasn’t taking me much time every week but it was time
that I could be investing in a myriad of other things. If nothing else, my
buddy Justin’s recent blogging binge has me inspired to be blogging
more than once a week on here.

Oh, if anyone is interested in purchasing a pretty well established PHP blog,
feel free to hit me up and make me an offer 😉

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