The last few months I have been urging the wife to find something new to occupy her time other than sitting front of the television. We’ve been through a few ideas but the one that seems to have stuck, and she is the most passionate about is Get Homeschool News.

It’s a blog featuring hand curated news articles related not just to homeschooling but also public and private education from around the globe. She’s posting a few articles a day and there is a daily newsletter that you can subscribe to.

Even if you’re not a homeschool parent, you should check it out, you may learn a thing or two. If you are a homeschool parent, you’re doing yourself and your child[ren] a disservice by not checking it out and signing up for daily updates.

The site may still in it’s infancy, but I am proud of the work that she’s put into it already. Sometimes you have to go through a few ideas before you find one that resonates with you. There’s no shame in failing early in our house.

Get Homeschool News

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