Who the hell are you and why are you emailing me?

Josh Sherman
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I got this email the other day from WeVue, a Tampa-based startup for which I am acquainted. The email was regarding the “war for talent” and was pushing some webinar they are doing later in the month. Knowing how these things work, I assume they are going to be showing how their product can help you fight the good fight and somehow win this war for talent. That’s great and I hope the webinar is a success for them.

What struck me as interesting is that I haven’t received an email from The WeVue Team in nearly eight months. In fact, the last email I received from them was around Christmas time of last year wishing me Happy Holidays. The fact is, if the team members weren’t in one of my social circles, I would have already forgotten who the hell they are.

This whole thing sparked my memory on a similar situation with another company, Mailcloud, which I evidently signed up for their beta ages ago. Last month they emailed me four times telling me that their beta was ready and that I could install the app. The thing was, I had forgotten whatever the hell their product even did and why I was interested in the first place.

The emails themselves had some high level marketing points but not enough to jog my memory on the matter. I could chock this up to getting old or I could just blame them for not doing a great job on their marketing.

Prior to the four drip emails I had received in July, I had only recieved a few of other emails. First on April 30th, 2014 when I originally signed up for the beta (allegedly), then an email in December and January talking about them being in beta or something like that. I think it may have been a closed beta at that time.

Funny thing is, I had originally planned to write this exact blog post after receiving the email in December because it had been so long that I had completely forgotten about them.

There are two lessons here. First, email people semi-regularly or you will be forgotten. Second, if you aren’t going to email your list frequently, you better make damn sure you are doing a good job of reminding them of who you are.

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