PHP is stupid and so are you

I hope you’re really fucking pissed right now. I hope you go thermonuclear on
the comments box. Why? Because it really just proves how right I am about how ignorant you are. You let some silly blog post get under your skin.

Thing is, I really didn’t know what to call this post so I figured I’d just
shoot for the moon and go for something that is just trashy clickbait.

The real point of this post isn’t to make you feel inadequate, but to make a
proclamation about my current station in life in regard to being a developer.
After around 7 months of being a full-time JavaScript developer, I finally
shook PHP as my “go-to” language.

I was faced with something recently where I needed to knock out a quick script
to process the data and I didn’t reach for PHP. It was a great feeling because
up until that point, I would usually just fall back to PHP because I knew I
could knock it out faster. Now JavaScript & Node.js are what I reach for.

I am, at least for the moment, a Node.js developer.

What’s really interesting is that I’ve had at least a few job opportunities
cross my desk where they were offering to take dirty PHP, Ruby and Python
developers and give them the opportunity to be trained up become Node.js
developers. I don’t remember a time when that was the case for any other
language. Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention.

To my PHP brethren and sistren that may still be fuming over the title of this
post, take a moment to think about why you’re upset. I know I was starting to
really doubt myself after slumming it in PHP-land for well over ten years. Did
I spend too much time with one language? Am I behind the curve because of it?
Don’t even get me started on continually being the butt of all of your
developer friend’s jokes. Shit gets old, for sure.

The truth is, the language doesn’t make the developer. Good developers can
adapt and transcend the language itself. Understanding concepts, an ability to
execute and real-world experience, especially at scale, are significantly more
important than the syntax itself.

For me, hopping to a new language has been a great experience. It makes things
exciting again. It’s provided me with an opportunity to learn. I never want to
lose the hacker aesthetic of pursuing knowledge. I’m not saying I knew
everything about PHP but at a certain point you run out of challenges and that
leads to boredom which eventually leads to malaise.

If the language you’re using right now still captivates you, that’s all that
matters. But if it’s not, you can blame yourself for not fixing the glitch.

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