My experience with the Mandela effect

Remember that time I was bit by a dog? I sure as hell do. It was a choatic
ordeal where I was living in fear of potentially contracting rabies as we
waited to see if the dog that bit me ended up dying in quarantine. The doctor
assured me that I “probably don’t have rabies”. PROBABLY?! I needed way more
than a probably to calm my nerves.

This isn’t about that though. This is about how I remember not only the event,
but I also remember writing a blog post on the matter. Now, October 2015, a
year-ish since the event, I can’t find any record of the event.

I know that I wrote a blog post on the subject. My buddy Justin
remembers that too. Yet somehow, the blog post simply doesn’t exist. I went
through the last 12 months of blog posts and like clockwork, there is at least
one post every single week. But not one that jumped out as being about the

Perhaps I forgot that I had named the post. I went ahead and grepped for words
like “rabies”, ”rabid” and even ”dog”. None of those [case-insensitive]
searches resulted in any relevant blog posts. At this point I’m starting to get
pissed off.

Ok, so I can’t find the blog post, maybe I wrote the draft and never published
it and then deleted it? Maybe it was around the time I had replaced my master
branch on the blog with gh-pages and I borked something and lost the file?

Even without the blog post, I know that I had a scar on my leg from where I was
bitten. As of this morning, I’m not seeing the scar. Perhaps it’s just a
coincidence and the scar just healed up naturally and finally faded away. Or
perhaps it faded away like Marty McFly would have if he didn’t re-alter the
past. The wife also remembers the scar existing and has also
verified that the scar is no longer present.

At this point, I’m not entirely sure what to think. I have at least 3 people
that remember the event (my daughter also remembers it, she was there) but lack
anything but memories to confirm that it actually happened. My next step is to
go back and find the medical paperwork and insurance claim information for when
I went to the doctor for a TDAP booster.

And if I can’t find that paperwork…


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