Just wanted to give everybody the head’s up that I am consolidating
into this blog. I still plan to blog about PHP from time to time but I no
longer see the need in maintaining it as a separate site.

For those that are interested in the migration details, it was pretty simple. I
copied the posts from one site to the other and added redirection meta tags on
the old site to redirect to the new URLs.

The only hiccup right now is migrating over the Disqus threads as the URL
mapper is saying my file isn’t in the right format. I kicked off their redirect
crawler and am hoping that will do the trick.

For anybody on the old mailing list, I have you setup to start
receiving emails from this site. The content of this site is very similar to
that of as this was the blog I used to talk about PHP on before
starting the dedicated site.

I mostly talk about development (node, redis, conceptual stuff, etc),
self-improvement and optimization as well as whatever may be pissing me off at
the time.

For anybody that may be on both my and mailing lists,
you may end up receiving this particular message twice. Next week I plan to
merge the lists as Mailchimp won’t let you perform bulk actions until after 7
days of your last send.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and Happy Halloween!

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