You’re using Spotify wrong

Josh Sherman
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I was at least, perhaps you’re just better at this than me.

Spotify has been my primary music consumption service since it launched in the United States in 2011. I have been a premium subscriber for nearly as long and have been following the company since they launched. Fingers crossed for many moons waiting for that US launch.

What I realized recently after a brief stint of using Apple Music exclusively, is that I have been using Spotify wrong this whole time. Perhaps “wrong” isn’t the right word, but I definitely wasn’t getting the most out of Spotify.

The major mistake that I was making is that I have never really build a library of artists and albums or songs. I used to star things from time to time but mostly it was just stuff I liked from the radio. When “starred” turned into “saved” I pretty much abandoned it.

When I started to use Apple Music, it was a fresh start, so the first thing I started to do was to follow artists and save albums to build my library up. After coming back home to Spotify, I began to approach things in a similar fashion.

Doing so has drastically improved my Discover Weekly playlist but I have given Spotify enough data to make some accurate assumptions about my musical tastes.

Something I didn’t realize I was missing was having a library of music that I liked that I could just toss on shuffle and listen to. For me, having this is better than the radio features.

This new library of music that I am maintaining has also eliminated my need to make as many playlists as I used to. I was pretty notorious for creating playlists for particular artists that I liked. Now I can just search for the artist in my music and get the same functionality.

I’m sure I’m probably still doing some stuff wrong, but at least now I feel like I am getting more out of Spotify instead of just treating it like a jukebox.

Got any other Spotify tips or tricks that I should know about? Comment below!

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