Why my site doesn’t have any navigation

Josh Sherman
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Because I fucking said so, that’s why.


It’s funny because this hasn’t really come up in the four or five months or so since I updated (reads: half-assed) a new layout for my site.

I pined heavily over a new header. I paid somebody on Fiverr to make me a video that I was going to use. I even had a header live on the site for a few weeks.

Then I didn’t.

Just like that, I just removed them. I didn’t like them so I thought perhaps I should just omit them entirely until I settle on something that I do like. I did the same with the footer bio, or lack there of.

Not to sound selfish, but this is my site. Sure you may get here because of something I wrote that’s killing it on Google, but the site itself is mine.

That’s not to say that I don’t care about UX or that I don’t care about you the user. Thing is, I love to experiment. The omission of something as obvious as a header and/or navigation was just that.

Once deleted, I wanted to see what impact it had on the traffic.

Guess what folks, it didn’t fucking matter.

Why didn’t it matter? Mainly because most people come to the site by way of a single post. They are only interested in what that post contains and they don’t venture to read further.

My assumption is that is because I don’t run a dedicated blog on a single topic. Actually I digress, when I did do that (PHP Avenue) the same pattern emerged.

The “joshtronic” brand isn’t quite at the point that I have this cult following of readers that hang on my every word. Until then, I suspect that my traffic pattern will remain the same. Somebody has some obscure problem that I happened to have, they Google it, and they come here solve their shit and move along.

To be honest, I do the same thing as well. I don’t have a single blog that I frequent consistently. Nothing against anybody, just favoring books over blogs this year.

So to answer the question that I’ve received like twice in the last week or so, correct, there is no navigation. And yes, this is actually a blog (somebody asked that, O_o).

Will there be navigation in the future? I dunno, maybe, I guess, eventually, sorta, who fucking knows.

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