Jazz Sucks

Josh Sherman
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I hate it, I just fucking hate it. But like most things, I’m always willing to give it another shot from time to time. June 2016 for me, will be Jazzy June.

I plan to wholly emerse myself in jazz music. I’m going to listen to it, I’m even going to learn to play it (bass mostly). We’ll see if my opinion on it changes. Stranger shit has happened.

Why do I hate jazz so much? After a bit of deep thinking on the matter, I think I may have an answer. I don’t actually hate jazz as a whole, I just have a healthy disdain of free jazz. Such a healthy distaste that it’s helped keep me away from the broader reach that is jazz music.

Incidentally, whatever it is that keeps me from liking free jazz is the same thing that keeps me from liking jam bands. Don’t even be me started on the Grateful Dead and don’t expect me to be giving that nonsense a chance any time soon (I blame the people not the musicians ;)

That all being said, drop some of your favoritate jazz recommendations in the comments below!

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