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Josh Sherman
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Right now I’m sitting in Mexico, enjoying great weather, greats friends and some great sips. Yesterday was fairly hectic with an early flight, a bit of a layover and quite the drive to get to our house for the week.

BTW, I’m in Mexico on a work retreat with SumoMe and we are definitely hiring for a variety of positions.

That all said, last week I ended up breaking my usual blogging cycle and knocked out a post on a Thursday night after work. Partially during dinner with the wife, I’m sure it was much to her chagrin.

But as I told her, this post was going to be YUGE! And I was under a time crunch to get things knocked out before before the trip.

The reason I had put so much urgency on the post was because Amazon had released a new VPS product and nobody had done a comparison post with it versus other VPS providers.

I regularly compare Linode and DigitalOcean so it was a bit of no brainer to get the post done. I even cut some corners and used the benchmarks from the last post I had done (less than 6 months ago) and just added in Lightsail.

The original plan was to just do the post today on my regular blogging schedule. That was until my boy Justin told me to take advantage of the situation and just knock it the fuck out.

And knocked it out, I did.

I’m fortunate to have a friend that’s willing to give me that real talk to encourage my own success. Also fortunate to have a wife that believes in me enough to let me blog a bit during date night.

The post ended up doing very well, easily one of the best ones I’ve posted. I doubt it would have had the same level of success if I had waited until today to post it.

When you see an opportunity, take it. And/or surround yourself with people that will push you to.

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