The Girl on the Train

Josh Sherman
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For the last couple of months, the wife and I have been swapping book recommendations. It’s starting to turn into the Sherman family book club over here.

The last recommendation I gave the wife, was Dark Matter: A Novel (which we both loved) so I figured it was time for me to pick up one of the books she had recently recommended.

Insert The Girl on the Train which the wife blasted through in a few days last year. I tend to be skeptical that I’ll enjoy the wife’s recommendations because I’m not really into the whole murder mystery / psychological thriller genre.

So fast forward a week later, I finished up the book. It was a quick read that was told via three unreliable female narrators. The book formatted very much like journal entries. The stories being told by the three voices weave in and out throughout the book.

Every chapter ended up being dated at the start and for most of the book, I didn’t pay much mind to the relation of the dates from chapter to chapter. Without giving much away, the three stories are told on separate time lines so the chapters aren’t necessarily linear.

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good read. I really liked that I had fallen down some conspiracy theory rabbit holes about the characters in the book, only to be disproved by the end of it.

Probably worth a read before seeing the movie as I haven’t heard anything good about the movie.

Oh! You may have noticed that last month I did an epic tome of a post covering all of the books I had read in December. NO MORE! Since hardly anybody reads below the fold, I figured I’d start the new year by doing individual book reviews as I finish up each book.

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