Zero to One sat on my reading last all through last year. I went back and forth with reading it because I had heard so many mixed reviews on the book. I wanted to get it knocked out this year, sooner than later.

Definitely ended up being sooner as the book was a mere 224 pages and the book was legitimately 30% index.

Aside from it being obviously too short, the book was great. Got me thinking in different ways about running businesses and how to approach markets.

To be expected, there was a ton of love for Elon Musk. Thiel speaks highly of the rest of the PayPal Mafia but he definitely leaned into bromance territory when it came to Musk. More than I had ever realized.

Since the pace of the book was so quick, I may end up picking it up again later this year for a re-read just to make sure I got enough out of it. Wouldn’t shock me if there is an expanded edition out in the next year or so.

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