The 50th Law

I figured since one of my goals for 2017 is to have a high profile Twitter feud
with rapper turned actor 50 Cent (a/k/a Curtis Jackson), I should probably get
to know my enemy a bit better.

Loljk, just seemed like an interesting read and had some solid customer reviews
on the ol’ Amazon.

Like most of the non-fiction self-helpy stuff I read / listen to, The 50th Law
doesn’t necessarily contain a lot of new concepts. Some of the usual ideas, like
fearlessness, not being somebody else’s bitch and acknowledging your own
mortality are quite prevalent.

The book is less of an autobiography of 50 Cent and more of a discussion of the
tactics he, and others, have used to gain and maintain power in business and
other ventures.

That said, the autobiographical bits were pretty good aside from the story of
Curtis being shot up and losing his record deal. I swear, Robert Greene told the
same damn story at least a dozen times.

Really liked the part about always positioning yourself to gain more power, even
if you have to sacrifice your wage to get it. Power is what matters most and
even if you work for somebody else, you can always position yourself to gain
more power.

Kind of out of order here, but I have not read The 48 Laws of Power. Even
though I jumped ahead, I liked The 50th Law enough to circle back around to
catch up on the other laws as my next audiobook in the car.

Now if only I can track down that 49th law that’s not as well documented 😉

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