Just drive

We did a thing today.

We got in the car and drove to the largest Buc-ee’s in the great state of

Nay! We drove to the largest Buc-ee’s on the planet Earth.


Why the fuck not.

It’s quite interesting. Upon telling folks that we were going to take a short
road trip (about an hour drive, one way) to the largest location in a chain of
glorified gas stations, folks were more than happy to scoff.

After they got done scoffing, they would typically follow up by giving us advice
on what we should be doing with our weekend instead.

Thing is, it really had nothing to do with with where we were going.

Okay, not entirely true, we were all kinda geeked to see how much larger this
location was compared to the previous Buc-ee’s we had been to.

Aside from our collective enthusiasm, it really didn’t matter where we were
going, just that we were going it together, as a family.

People get so fixated on the destination that they completely lose sight of the
journey itself and the people they are experiencing it with.

Often times the journey is the best part. More so if the destination is somewhat
trivial to begin with.

Hopping in the car and driving to a gigantic gas station with the family today
was the perfect way for us to spend the day. We spent it together.

Oh and we got some chicharrones and taffy to boot 😉

Regardless of the destination, sometimes you gotta get in the car and just

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