The boob post

My wife, the esteemed blogger that she is, gave me a bit of advice recently:

If you showed more titties on your blog, you would have more followers.

It’s sound, and quite easily the best advice I’ve ever received concerning my

Hovering around a mere zero percent, the amount of boob on my blog abysmal by
Tumblr standards.

It’s quite shocking that I’ve been taking my blog seriously considering this
glaring oversight on my part.

Unaware that this lack of mammaries has made me a mockery of the blogosphere, I
plan to remedy this situation by increasing the boobage on my blog by 100% with
this post.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a 100% increase… 100% MOAR BOOBZ THAN B4:


Seriously though, my most successful post has been shared over a thousand times,
and generated some [humblebrag] sizeable revenue.

But perhaps, I have in fact been going about it all wrong. More titties could be
the missing piece that launches my blog to the MOON (or further???)

I’m skeptical, but love to be proven wrong, share if you think this blog needs
to “show more titties”!

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