The easiest way to engage your readers

I blog.

I have some readers.

I try to be engaging.

I may not always succeed in being engaging but I do try. Thing is, it’s pretty
freaking easy to engage with your readers.

Assuming you have comments turned on at least.

If you have comments turned on, perfect, all you have to do is reply to people.

I’m not talking about selectively replying to people, I am talking about
replying to every God damned person that takes the time to reply to your blog.

Sure, it may be as simple as a “glad you liked the post”, but it shows you care.

It also shows that leaving comments on your blog could garner a reply from the
esteemed author of said blog.

I personally try to reply to everything.

It’s hard, especially when people are being fucking assholes.

Even the jerks deserve a reply and in my experience, as long as you don’t rage
at them, you will usually win them over.

It may seem stupid simple, but replying to everybody tends to be a PITA as you

I’ve done a decent job of keeping up but can definitely see where you may need
to start being selective on what you reply to.

Until you get to that point, reply to everybody and everything.

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