Two weeks with MeetEdgar

If you follow me on any social media channels, especially Twitter,
you probably noticed an untick in my posting volume.

No, I haven’t been hacked.

Admittedly, I’m pretty bad about posting my blog posts on the various social
networks I frequent.

I’m always concerned about what people will say or if they will get pissed off
at the volume.


A few weeks back, I had decided that I am going to start posting regular to
Twitter and was in search of a platform to help me automate as much as possible.

Initially, I had started with Buffer and it was pretty good at what it did. For
me though, it didn’t do things quite the way I had wanted them to work.

My desire was for a system that would not only consume my blog posts via an RSS
feed, but also recycle the good stuff. Effectively a library of content that I
could post around the clock.

Sure there would be some duplicates, but that’s what I wanted. The Internet
doesn’t sleep and I wanted to capitalize on that.

After giving Buffer a shot, I had switched over to MeetEdgar. Pretty
sure I had heard of the service via an AppSumo deal or from Noah Kagan’s OkDork
blog. They are local to Austin, so could’ve been because of that.

The price point was a bit steeper than Buffer’s (49$ vs 10$), but it seemed to
do everything I wanted it to do. Also it seemed like once I upgraded it wasn’t
going to try to sell me on an even more expensive plan.

Buffer just wouldn’t shut up about their business plan!!~!

So what’s Edgar do? Actually, I want to address something real quick. I actually
have no idea if it’s MeetEdgar or if it’s Edgar. The domain is but
often times in the marketing content they refer to Edgar like he’s a person.

Definitely nitpicky shit, but it does bother me that I’m unsure how to talk
about the product.

With that, the product is great. It does exactly what I wanted, takes an RSS
feed and builds a library of content that I can post from.

If you have a ton of content like myself, 4+ years of blogging at least once a
week consistently, MeetEdgar is definitely a handy service.

Real quick… MeetEdgar doesn’t have an affiliate program, this review is
completely unsolicited and without gain (aside from maybe a retweet or something
from them 😉

So the proof is in the data right? Here’s what two weeks of traffic from Twitter
looked like with MeetEdgar posting my blog’s content:

MeetEdgar's Twitter Magic

Yes, that really happened, lightning bolt and all!

Ended up seeing around 20-30 new sessions a day with MeetEdgar which has
resulted in a decent lift overall.

If you’re wondering about the drop off on the second week, it’s because I
started to promote more of my curated content and my friend’s blog posts and

Hey man, it’s not all about me all the time!

So yeah, that’s been my experience with MeetEdgar. I’ve been impressed and have
converted my 2 week free trial into a premium experience.

Sadly for you, dear reader, is that they are no longer doing free trials, but
still offer a 30 day money back guarantee!

If you found this post helpful and you decided to sign up, hit me up on

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