Kindle Unlimited isn’t worth it

I went back and forth for a while before pulling the trigger on Kindle

What finally convinced me to sign up for the trial (and subsequent subscription)
was the book Slicing Pie: Fund Your Company Without Funds.

It’s about early stage startup equity splits and I highly recommend it.

With that, I don’t recommend you read it by way of Kindle Unlimited. Just bite
the bullet and pick up a copy.

After reading Slicing Pie, I decided I should give the service a shot and read a
few books that were available.

It was an honest shot, but the books available were just crap to me.

Most of the books I read were riddled with misspellings. What was even worse
were the books that were just a series of affiliate links and/or were trying to
sell you on ancillary products.

Also full of typos and the like.

When attempting to find some more popular books on the service, they were few
and far between.

Seemed most of the books they carried were already available for a 0.99 to 2.99
outside of the monthly service.

Depending on how many books you read a month, it seems like it would be more
cost effective to pick up the books individually than by way of the “unlimited”

So yeah, I had Kindle Unlimited for a while. I read some books, I wasn’t
impressed and I don’t recommend the service.

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