I am a freeloader

There, I said it. I am a dirty fucking freeloader.

At least according to one of my fairly long time subscribers to my mailing list.

Seems that last week’s launch announcement about my project CrowdSync
ruffled at least a couple of feathers.

Thing is, I got a ton of positive feedback from the people I know that are
actually interested in the things I am doing.

It’s not like this has been the first time I’ve used my blog as a launching pad
for my projects either. In fact, damn near everything I’ve launched in the last
7 years has been shameless promoted on my blog.

Why shamelessly? Because I don’t have shame for utilizing my blog to talk about
my projects.

And why should I?

Just because one person one time decided to call me a freeloader for it?

Hell, if nothing else, that dude helped to fuel this rant.

Actually wondering if he’ll even see it because I figured based on the email
reply to me that he probably wanted to be unsubscribed, so I did that for him.

I’m a nice guy like that 😉

So yeah, I’m evidently a freeloader for using my blog to promote a project I am
working on. A blog that I’ve been running for like 7 years with close to 5 years
of weekly content.

Everybody on my mailing list opts in (doubly, mind you) and anybody that follows
me on the ol’ Twitter does so on their own volition.

I have earned that traffic and most of those followers.

Between you and me I used somebody on Fiverr to get me a bunch of followers on
Twitter, most of which I’ve already lost 😉

I’m aware of the Internet being full of trolls, so this doesn’t surprise me at
all. What’s thrown me off the most is the word choice.

You could have called me an opportunist, or even better an opportunistic fuck.
But a freeloader? It’s so out of sorts based on what I did, which was marketing
a new product to my established audience.

Would you call Tim Ferriss a freeloader if/when he announces The 4-Hour Orgasm
book on his website? Probably not, that’s like, his platform. So why throw your
boy Josh that shade?

Anyway, I’m done bitching for the night. I ain’t mad at anybody, thought it was
comical and worth talking about.

But seriously, I did unsubscribe his ass.

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