Debian is stable

I can hear you now… “No shit Josh! Debian’s one of the most stable Linux
distros [sic] they even main their main branch ‘stable’!!~!”

In my quest for bleeding edge software, specifically, the latest version of
Gnome, I lost sight of that simple truth.

With that, Arch crashed for the final time on my iMac a few weeks back and I
jumped ship over to Debian Stretch in search of stability and reliability.

Incidentally, Debian is the distro I started the year on, but on the testing
release before Stretch was officially released.

I am a bit bitter that I’m running a version of Gnome that’s 2 iterations behind
but goddamn if it doesn’t feel great to be manning the console on a stable

Uptime has been great, hiccups have been minimal and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh and there’s rarely any software updates 😉

Thing is, my computers are my tools and any time I’m needing to fight with them
because of some borked update, I’m losing time I could be building.

This has become even more important as I’ve recently left my position at Sumo to
focus on a startup with my buddy Justin.

Shameless plug: We’re eliminating the manual paperwork and processes
associated with managing groups of people. It’s called CrowdSync and you
should sign up and check it out.

As much as I love Arch and would love to be running the latest Gnome (at the
very least 3.24), I need to minimize my daily distractions and running a rock
solid system helps with that.

Hell, logging 12+ hours a day is hard enough as it is without unexpected crashes
while I’m in my groove.

So yeah, for anybody unaware, Debian is stable. Stable AF.

Oh and if you’re about to tell me that I’ll be on Arch or another distro soon
enough? You’re probably right.

I definitely miss being able to install any and everything with pacaur. Just
wasn’t in the cards with my current computers.

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