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I could eat them for every meal.

They are inexpensive, nutritious and versatile.

Most days, I eat two eggs for breakfast.

Extra large eggs.

This past week I had my normal breakfast fare of about a quarter cup of spinach, black beans and turkey sausage fried up with a couple of eggs.

Been a daily staple of mine for months but as of late, I’ve been left not quite satiated at the end of the meal.

So I kicked it up to three eggs.

Three eggs was good, but it was just a bit too much. I think two and a half eggs would have been just right.

Half an egg though? This got me thinking about the size eggs. Medium, large, extra larger, even jumbo? What’s it all even mean?

Fortunately there was a Wikipedia page detailing egg sizes:

Size Ounces
Peewee 1.25 oz
Small 1.50 oz
Medium 1.75 oz
Large 2.00 oz
Extra Large 2.25 oz
Jumbo 2.50 oz

Keep in mind that these sizes are for United States chicken eggs as agreeing upon chicken eggs sizes collectively as a society has eluded us this far.

Okay, so to achieve a fraction of an egg, I needed to figure out how many ounces I wanted to each and then figure out the best sized egg to fit within there.

2.25 ounces * 2.5 eggs = 5.625 ounces of eggs

Best I could come up with would be to move to medium eggs and eat three of them for 5.25 ounces of eggs. A bit shy of the 5.6 ounces but about the best you can do without a mixed lot of eggs.

So this solved the fraction of a egg dilemma, but this spawned another thought. Are eggs priced in such a way that you always pack the same amount per ounce regardless of size or are different sizes of eggs more expensive than others?

My go-to egg these days are the Hill Country Fare Grade A eggs from my local neighborhood H-E-B. We buy a dozen and a half ever week or so but for the sake of the per ounce comparison, I’ll be comparing them by the dozen for the egg sizes they carry.

For whatever reason, they only list medium, large and jumbo size online in the twelve count variety. Come to think of it, I’m not entirely sure I’ve even seen the extra large eggs in anything smaller than the dozen and a half cartons.

Size Ounces Per Egg Price Per Dozen Price Per Ounce
Medium 1.552054 oz $1.10 $0.059061519
Large 1.763698 oz $1.34 $0.063313938
Jumbo 2.222260 oz $1.43 $0.053624088

Hold up, those sizes don’t marry up with what the USDA has deemed as the appropriate sizes for those eggs. If I had to speculate, the USDA sizes are merely a suggestion and YMMV depending on the brand of eggs.

What’s also interesting is that large eggs clocked in as more expensive per ounce than both medium and jumbo eggs. The wife mentioned that you’re supposed to use large eggs when baking, so I suspect that increased price is just due to supply and demand in that regard.

All right, so the sizes of the eggs didn’t marry up with the official egg sizes. That probably means my beloved extra large eggs probably aren’t 2.25 ounces.

I did a bit more digging and sure as shit, they are 1.975342 ounces each and I had to adjust my egg-quation (sorry, not sorry) accordingly:

1.975342 ounces * 2.5 eggs = 4.938355 ounces of eggs

Same conclusion though, without a mixed lot of eggs, three medium eggs are probably the sweet spot for my breakfast.

Oh, and just for fun, here’s an egg calculator for ya. It defaults to the standard size eggs, but you can adjust it to accommodate your local sizes:

Egg Calculator

Size Ounces Per Egg Egg Count
Extra Large
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