Coping with writer’s block

It’s 5:55 PM on a Sunday afternoon and I am succumbing to the fact that today I
have writer’s block.

I don’t think it’s that I’m blocked up completely (although I am admittedly a
bit constipated right now) but I have definitely hit the wall on the post I had
set out to write today.

The post that I shelved was a bit more technical so I’m thinking that the issue
is that I hit my limit on doing the technical stuff this week.

It happens, just sucks when it happens the day I set aside for blogging.

I think the other major issue was that I have been side tracked on other
projects the entire day and didn’t get around to starting this post until just
after 4 PM.

The post in question was shaping up to be significantly longer than I had
originally thought. Knowing I didn’t want to blogging into the night tonight, it
made sense to accept the early defeat and pick another topic.

So how am I getting around this little bout of writer’s block?

By blogging of course!

It’s rare that I don’t have something to say, usually the issue is that I’m not
completely enthralled about what I’m writing.

Since this blog is a labor of love and not a job with assigned topics and all of
that, I pretty much get to do what I want.

Will the post I originally set out to write ever see the light of day?

Maybe, but honestly, I’m not entirely sure.

I tend to stub out more posts than I publish on here, for the same reason cited
above, my own excitement level.

That’s okay though, I think it’s good to cut your losses if the post you’re
writing isn’t getting you fired up or isn’t going the way you anticipated.

Sometimes that turn in the road is in your favor, sometimes it’s not.

No big deal.

So this post is obviously a bit of a cop out this week, but the exercise of
talking about having writer’s block has definitely gotten me to explore the root
cause and how I’m addressing it.

To address things moving forward, I think I will have to get right to blogging
on Sundays instead of being lazy and all that. Sooner the post is done, sooner I
can enjoy the day.

It’s like how I used to plan my week back in 2013.

Guess some things never change.

BTW, even though I was feeling fatigued and couldn’t get through that other blog
post, this one came together in about 10 minutes.

Not too shabby considering it’s over 400 words!

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