You might have read about me on a few occasions. I’m Jen aka thatgirljen, or here I think I’m lovingly referred to as the wife or the Mrs. My over-time job is being the mom, wife and partner. But enough about me. Today I wanted to share something that has improved MY/OUR quality of life; I have Josh to thank for it: the momcation.

What is the momcation?

I’m sure Josh has posted about his time at Sumo, and maybe even about their bi-annual company retreats. Well a few years ago, after his first retreat, Josh realized just how important it is to sometimes get away (without the family in tow), and not worry about the normal day-to-day life. It’s healthy to take time to recharge, reflect, make some memories or have a new experience that you then come home to share.

Like many moms do, I tend to put the kiddo, Josh, the pugs, and family life first. I’m like Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy. Now, at least once a year, I’m kicked out of the house. Not to say I’m homeless for a weekend, but I’m on vacation with a friend or sister. I try and choose a place I’ve not yet visited, keeping my mom-cation locations with-in the good old USofA and usually a 2-3 night stay. Just long enough to have a little fun, try a few new restaurants, sight-see and maybe even take cheesy tourist tour. I think many moms, wives and girlfriends, once in a relationship, we become party of that entity. It’s important to remember who you are and what makes you… you. But that might have to be a whole different post for another time. ;)

At first I had a little bit of “mom-guilt”. Being away from the family, having FUN… without them? This was a new, almost foreign concept. However, after my first night away, I settled right into the idea. It’s been a great opportunity, and I come home naturally rejuvenated and excited! I love picking out a special little souvenir for each of them. Josh, LaPetite and the Pugs are always on my mind. What I think about when I when I fall asleep. Who I worry about when I’m not with them. But having a little momcation allows me to miss them for just a bit, and appreciate them more for who they are, all they do, and how important they truly are to me.

So if you have a special someone that’s your 366/25/8 - surprise them. Kick them out of the house. Give them a momcation. Let them know how much you appreciate all they do and that it’s ok to have a break and take a little time for themself.

Feel free to comment below, I’m open for suggestions and ideas on where my next momcation will take me.

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