Resetting a Slate.js editor to an empty state

I’ve been messing with Slate.js and happen to be using it in the context of
having a persistent editor on the page that can be used post from. It’s sort of
like a chat’s message input, it’s always there, and when you submit it, it
resets back to it’s original state.

When your destroying a component after submit, this isn’t a problem, but in my
particular use case it was, so I needed to figure out how the heck to clear out
the editor and reset it back to it’s original glory.

Unfortunately, Slate.js doesn’t have a command to just reset the editor back to
birth, and setting the value to just an empty string or null doesn’t fit into
the types for what a proper editor value looks like.

After poking around a bit to see what the editor value looks like when it’s
initially created, I grabbed said array and dictionary and simply used it as my
“initial value” that I used to both initialize the state, as well as reset it.

Said initial value looks like this:

const initialEditorValue: Node[] = [{
  type: 'paragraph',
  children: [{ text: '' }],

To use it to initialize your state (via hooks):

const [editorValue, setEditorValue] = useState(initialEditorValue

And to reset it (usually done after you’re done submitting the editor’s value:

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