Problem importing keys for Spotify on Arch Linux

Spotify’s been giving some grief as of late when trying to upgrade it on my Arch
Linux System.

Actually, who am I kidding, I’ve actually been having a handful of issues with
GNOME since the last major upgrade. More on that once I figure out how to fix
some of the gremlins.

So Spotify, I was having issues downloading the package, and that eventually
resolved itself on it’s own. It wasn’t causing me much grief, so I just figured
I’d wait it out.

Upon waiting it out, I started to get a different issue, with regard to the PGP
keys being missing.

In my experience, this usually just means I have to go dig up the key and import
it myself.

Since the Spotify package on Arch Linux actually starts as the official Debian
package offered by Spotify, I just steered my browser to their download page,
which is available here.

The commend that’s listed there won’t work as is, since it’s for Debian and
Ubuntu systems, but the URL for the public key is what’s important.

With that URL, we can run the following command and it will import the key that
we need to be able to install or upgrade Spotify:

curl -sS | gpg --import -

Once that’s imported, run your install or upgrade again, and you should be good
to go!

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