Julian read 58 pages of a book in 2 days

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This isn’t some sort of parental humble brag about how my kid is a better reader than yours. This is a post about one of the weirder search phrases that has been leading people to my site.

The search phrase in question is:

Julian read 58 pages of a book in 2 days. At this rate, how many pages can he read in 7 days?

When I first saw this, I was like “oh, I bet they got here because of my awesome reading calculator post” and didn’t think much more of it.

Then I noticed that this search phrase is actually leading people to my site a bit more regularly than I would have expected.

I’ve assumed the question itself is a word problem for some remedial math class and the folks searching for this phrase are struggling to answer it.

Now I’m not going to give the answer to the problem outright, but here’s how I would approach it.

Julian read 58 pages in 2 days. If you divide 58 by 2, you’d get an average number of pages that Julian can read in a single day.

With the number of pages that Julian can read in a single day, you can multiply that by 7 days which should get you a fairly good idea about how many pages Julian can read in that time.

As mentioned, this isn’t a hard problem, but without access to the source material I still have questions around whether or not the final result should be rounded and more importantly, what book Julian is reading as I’m always looking for book recommendations.

The more I think about it, I’m wondering if it’s a trick question and I’m totally missing it.

Anyway, stay in school kids.

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