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I pride myself on never phoning it in. I’m a passionate individual and I try to always bring that fire into whatever I’m doing. I’m a big believer in Extreme Ownership and giving 110%, cranking it 11, or whatever other euphemism you can throw in to describe the situation.

That said, about once I year I give in and end up phoning it in on my blog.

Usually it’s because I have writer’s block and just don’t know what to write about. This time though, this time is special, a perfect storm, in more ways than one.

In no particular order, the last few weeks have included:

As busy, bad, whatever, as things have been, I’ve upheld a positive attitude and have stepped in and up where I can.

So what’s this post even about? Just a friendly reminder to folks that bad days happen, but you can’t phone it in so quickly. Sometimes shit rolls down hill, happens in threes, or whatever and you may end up with a bad week or month.

If you start to phone it in the moment you have a bad day, you’re going to fall behind quickly. Startups (businesses as a whole really) have peaks and valleys, and sometimes the slog can last months. All we can really do is stay on our grind and keep trying to improve by 1% a day.

We also need to take a moment to reflect and acknowledge the wins that may be mixed in.

Given everything going on, some positives have definitely shown through:

And if nothing else, even though I’m phoning in this week’s blog post, I was still able to write quite a bit just to say that I’m not really doing a post this week :)

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