How to install Family Sharing apps on macOS

Switching back to an iPhone eventually led to enabling Family Sharing so that we
could all use the Pro Apps I had purchased last year. The Pro Apps are quite
pricey (even the Education Bundle) so it’s not something I’d want to buy and

My wife’s recent endeavor into lifestyle blogging led me to suggest that we
finally take advantage of Family Sharing, and she could install Final Cut Pro.

Check out Hanging with Jen. I hear it’s getting better 😉

So knowing what I know about Apple and how it “just works” I thought, “this
should be easy”.

Sadly, it wasn’t as straight forward as I had expected.

With Family Sharing enabled, I expected to see an option to install the apps I
had already purchased on her machine. Instead, we were greeted with purchase

As mentioned, didn’t really want to shell out a ton of extra cash if I didn’t
have to.

While not as easy as I had expected, the process actually was pretty painless.
To gain access to the Family Shared apps, you need to go to the App Store, go to
your account, and then change the account to the one that has the apps you’re
looking to install.

From there, you can install the apps without incurring an additional charge.

If you’re a visual person, the flow looks something like this:

Screenshot of the Apple App Store's Discover Page

Screenshot of the Apple App Store's Account Page

Screenshot of the Apple App Store's Account Page for another Account

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