EmuDeck not working after renaming micro SD card

Josh Sherman
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Recently, while cleaning up the SD card I use on my Steam Deck, I decided that the name “UNTITLED” wasn’t good enough, and that I would rename it to something more descriptive. What I didn’t anticipate is that all of my EmuDeck / Emulation Station games would cease to function.

My initial fear was that extFS of Mac or USBclean had done something screwy to the micro SD card, or worse, the card had already gone bad after only a few months of use.

If I’ve learned anything from decades of running Linux, when all else fails, just start over.

That said, I went ahead and walked through the EmuDeck installer again. My biggest fear in doing so was that the installer would decide to wipe my card clean and I’d be starting over from scratch.

Obviously, if any of my previous fears were correct, I’d be in the same boat anyway, so no big deal.

Fortunately though, that wasn’t the case, and after running through the installer again, everything went back to normal and things were functioning as they should be.

While I’m not entirely sure why that is, my working theory is that everything was configured around the path of the micro SD card, and not something more immutable like a UUID.

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