Steamworks initialisation failed running V Rising on Steam Deck

Before the wife and I jumped into Diablo IV, which runs really well on the ol’ Steam Deck, we were playing V Rising. V Rising is a great little multiplayer survival game with a vampire theme that came to us as a recommendation from a friend.

While not the best game for the Steam Deck, we’ve done well with a community layout that I’ve since tweaked a small bit to make a few missing aspects of the game accessible again.

Not without issues, we did run into the problem recently where our copies updated, but our friend’s server which we frequent was still on the old version.
Not a big deal, but kind of a bummer to have to ping your friend to ask them if
they can update their server.

IMHO, newer client versions should be able to play on older servers without much issue. Certainly the newer client features may not be available if you’re
connected to an older server, but you shouldn’t be dead in the water.

While that issue was very easy to overcome, the more recent issue we’ve run into had nothing to do with the server we were connecting to. Upon launching the game, we would be greeted with the following error:

Steamworks Initialisation Failed

And the game would completely crash.

While I’m not entirely sure if this is an issue that only strikes Steam Deck users, or if this is an issue with the game itself, I can tell you this. It really sucked to flat out not be able to play the game.

Fortunately, after some tinkering, some how getting some alleged “Steamworks” package to update via the desktop, I did get the game to run again, albeit with some noticeable lag, which I didn’t bother to look into much further because why mess around with a broken game, when I have a ton of working games available.

So what got the game back up and running? Explicitly setting the Proton version to the experimental one got things up and running.

My theory is that something changed with the game, or something changed with required dependency on the Steam Deck, and things had fallen out of sync.

As mentioned, the game felt a lot less stable, but at least with the game
launching, I was able to get in and refill the blood essence in my castle, and
keep things moving.

Sadly, I haven’t really played much since then because, as mentioned… Diablo
IV and all 🙂

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