How to delete Docker images

Still plagued by my undersized root / partition, I’ve had to learn a thing or
two about freeing up disk space. Recently, after a string of adventures with
containers, I came to realize that Docker stores it’s images in the root
partition, by default at least.

To remove the images I have stored locally, and free up disk space, we first
need to list out the images we have downloaded, which will look something like

% docker images
mysql        latest       91b53e2624b4   6 weeks ago    565MB
adminer      latest       8e4345c1c3dc   6 weeks ago    250MB
mysql        8            8189e588b0e8   3 months ago   564MB
ubuntu       20.04        88bd68917189   3 months ago   72.8MB
php          7.4-apache   8b6f3afc00ee   3 months ago   798MB
mono         6            af8a21454b9a   7 months ago   788MB
mono         latest       af8a21454b9a   7 months ago   788MB
debian       10           53906583a002   7 months ago   114MB
debian       latest       446440c01886   7 months ago   124MB
mongo        4.2          df2171176868   7 months ago   388MB
ubuntu       22.04        6b7dfa7e8fdb   7 months ago   77.8MB
mysql        5.7          d410f4167eea   7 months ago   495MB
redis        5.0          99ee9af2b6b1   8 months ago   110MB
php          <none>       20a3732f422b   8 months ago   453MB

To remove an image, you can then use the following command:

% docker rmi NAMEOFIMAGE

Not much to it, but it doesn’t always go according to plan. If the image you’d
like to remove is still tied to a container, you’ll receive a message like this:

% docker rmi adminer
Error response from daemon: conflict: unable to remove repository reference "adminer" (must force) - container b73f553d6fc1 is using its referenced image 8e4345c1c3dc

Never fear though, all you have to do is remove the container that’s blocking

% docker rm b73f553d6fc1

And then, simply try again:

% docker rmi adminer
Untagged: adminer:latest
Untagged: adminer@sha256:bb57616441db7d9bcf04f9e231bf8fd066b209374f0e30384d17988cbb4e889b
Deleted: sha256:8e4345c1c3dc89b4c31146abe340fa39e143d922d1e3401233d7ac32db2d985d
Deleted: sha256:e0e5293a8dac2c93826e3cc883686cbef1b587f34ad1d9ea0e94f1bf7affeb78
Deleted: sha256:9ddc8930c09d6d725484993e70deb3d5a8fb9ca0b4ecd385cc4d93174b869579
Deleted: sha256:fede545bed63aeacf77d6e41a73d8a362eb49227d5fe39d0f447723eace99cbb
Deleted: sha256:ee5f8184868400dbcce39cd4918c3d0d91da3807cb37c32b2260eda852d2c8e1
Deleted: sha256:b7c40e2d7d736aa7880fcf4ebe6ee0c075a4ed16cec4c80592b0abcaee082664
Deleted: sha256:d96b1a9770a32366607324d4657d0fea0aee738e227e8941aab59a53754508d4
Deleted: sha256:c28dd92cbb2619b4dc09bf09ef075bf5eedb4e471ff21a109fcb05437e2c0c7b

You may have to remove containers a few times before you can remove the image complete, so repeat as necessary!

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