JDownloader error: You added an archive that has several parts

Ran into an interesting problem recently while downloading some stuff off of
Archive.org. The problem was a bit of a misnomer, but it took some head scratching for a bit to understand the issue.

While using JDownloader, which is a very preferred method for downloading larger collections from Archive.org, I was presented with an error advising me that I had added an archive that has several parts.

New to JDownloader, I assumed I grabbed the wrong URL or something, and that’s why it wasn’t playing nice. Turns out that wasn’t the case at all, but was a
problem with the type of files I was downloading.

Evidently, certain file extensions, specifically ones with numbers at the end, appear as if they are part of a series of files that need to be obtained. Since that’s not actually the case, you can proceed normally with the download, when prompted for what to do.

File names like *.z64 will trigger the error, but I noticed that other file names like *.n64 did not. Suspect it’s because certain extensions are known to be associated with multi-part archives, while others are not.

If you run into it, just tell it to proceed with the download, and you’ll be set!

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