As a matter of form, this blog is a collection of my actual writing.

The blog started as a way to improve my writing capabilities by actually taking
the time to, you know, write.

I definitely talk about artificial intelligence. I even show AI examples associated with my own adventures. That said, I do not use it to generate articles on this site.

Recently, while experimenting with some AI content detectors, I grew curious. Does my writing appear AI-generated?

This could spin wildly out of control, let’s speculate that we are in fact living in a simulation, if that were the case, then yes, we’re all actually just AIs running around acting like humans, or what we think humans are, assuming humans even exist outside of the simulation and, and, and.

Top AI detectors

Drunken musings aside, I went ahead and took my most trafficked blog post from the last 30 days, and I fed it into the 5 AI detectors that showed up on Google when searching for “AI Detection”.

The results, in the order of their Google ranking:

  1. – This is human text
  2. – 99% human-generated content
  3. – 49% probability this text was entirely written by AI
  4. – 100% human probability
  5. – 45.63% AI GPT. Text is most likely human written

The quality of the detectors was definitely a mixed lot, especially considering
100% of the content was human written.

Keep in mind, all of these services offered a free detection without sign up.
Maybe their product offerings improve if you pay for them, maybe not.

I’m curious to run more of my content through these services, but I suspect that most of my content will yield similar results.

Funny enough, I’ve been working on getting ChatGPT to generate a blog post that’s in my writing style, and I’ve yet to train it up enough to convince me.

If I ever manage to generate a post that I find to be “believably Josh”, I’ll share it, but I’ll add some content created by a human 😉

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