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  • 5 benefits of kombucha tea

    My shit stinks. Literally. I have troubles with digestion. Irritable bowel syndrome, issues with some dairy and my pee smells when I eat asparagus. Wait, scratch that last one. Seriously though, I have pretty regular issues with being regular. It’s been that way since I was a child. Once, I…

  • How to make the World’s Best Chili Dogs

    I’m actually unsure that you can handle the recipe I am about to bestow upon you. You’ll probably try to put your spin on it and end up making the world’s worst chili dogs. You may make them exactly as described and think they suck. You will have been mistaken….

  • Portable grits

    Now that it’s starting to get cold out, which is anything below 70 degrees here in Florida, I have began searching to find a nice warm breakfast that is quick to prepare as well as portable. I tend to just make smoothies for breakfast but I have grown bored with…