Find time to be creative every single day

In my youth I was creative. I would draw for hours. I would decorate the walls
with my paintings. I would write songs, sing poorly
and even made noise. I thrived on creation, yet something happened
along the way. My creative pursuits narrowed until the bulk of my creativity
was expressed through code.

The thing is, I actually believe that coding is a form of creative expression.
The problem there is when you code all day and then code all night things tend
to get tired. They do for me at least. I’m not saying I’ve lost my passion to
code for 20 hours at a time, I’m saying that I want to [re-]introduce some
other creative pursuits into my life.

Something that’s been interesting me as of late is ambient music. I thought,
why not get into that? So I have set out to put together an album of ambient
music. To achieve this, I am putting together a track every single day. I am
not focusing on quality or track length, just the act of being creative.

The real goal here is to work on building this creative endeavor into a habit.
No one has ever referred to being creative as a bad habit!

I want you to be more creative too so I am challenging you to be creative every
day for the next 30 days. Write a poem or draw a picture, whatever you want,
just as long as you do it every single day.

Bonus points if you put yourself out there and share what you’ve created as I
am doing:

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