Hate to say it, but I am a broken record.

If it’s not “OH, I actually wrote a blog post about that” then it’s “that would make a great blog post, you should write about it”.

When I mention my own posts, I follow up with a link and maybe the person makes it to my blog. The follow through rate on people blogging about things that I say they ought to blog about? Pretty sure it’s hovering around zero percent.

Why? Because people romanticize about running a blog but don’t have it in them to actually put themselves out there.

The lazy have many a war cry. “I don’t have anything important to say”. “Nobody will read this”. “It just takes so much time”.

Fucking excuses.

That said, here‘s a list of the things I’ve mentioned people should blog about. In fact, most of the following are things that I would love to read. Especially if they were written by my friends:

  • A great customer service experience you have had recently.

  • A horribad customer service experience you have had recently.

  • Some crazy right wing propaganda that will probably garner just as many negative comments as it would positive ones.

  • How you recently fixed an issue you had with your computer. Bonus points if you aren’t just paraphrasing another article.

  • A review of anything (product, software, seriously ANYTHING), Bonus if your opinon on it doesn’t line up with the popular consensus.

  • Elaborating on a question you were recently asked that really made you think.

  • Talking about something you’ve made or created.

The truth is, you’re probably right, nobody is going to read your blog. If people do read your blog, there’s a great chance a lot of your feedback (especially early feedback) will be extremely negative.

Guess that though, that’s how it is! You just need to put yourself out there and go with it. Stop worrying about other people and start crushing content generation.

If you happen to be inspired by this post and/or use some of my topic suggestions as your own blog fodder, comment below with a link!

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