How to install Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Android today

I must have been under a rock, but I only heard about a new Animal Crossing game this week.

Then I was sad to hear that it wasn’t out yet.

Then I was excited to hear that it was actually out!

Circle back to being sad when I found out it was only available in Australia.

Been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least.

Having been a minute since I had last installed a game I was developing on my phone directly, I was at a bit of a loss for what that would entail.

Fortunately, somebody at work enlightened me to how easy it is to install an APK file to my phone with ease!

Even more fortunate, Joseph Vargas of Centro Pokémon was kind enough to rip and post the official APK file!!

First, download this file onto your computer:

Pocket Camp_com.nintendo.zaca.apk

Once that’s downloaded, hook your phone up to your computer and tweak the setting from using USB to charge, to using it to transfer files.

Copy the file to your Downloads directory at the root of the device so it will show up in the Downloads app on your phone.

At this point you can unmount your device and then open the Downloads app. Find the APK file and tap on it.

It will bark about the safety of third-party apps (consider this your warning) and will let you install the app.

Donezo! Now you can enjoy Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a month before the US release!

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