Ten Year Blogiversary

Ten. Freakin’. Years.

Ten years ago today I “re-established my web presence” in the form of a
blatant knock off of Daring Fireball’s design (which sadly, I couldn’t find on
Archive.org’s Wayback Machine) and an abomination of an 18 sentence paragraph.

I was also a little over a month away from the 1 year mark of registering the
domain joshtronic.com which if I didn’t take action, I probably would have let
it lapse under my “use a domain within 12 months or just let the damn thing
go” approach to domain squatting.

So what’s happened in the last 10 years of blogging?

Honestly I was going to list a bunch of things out, but as I did it all started
to sound like I was just patting myself on the back.

That’s not really me so you’re just going to have to read the nearly 600 posts
to catch up 😉

Appreciate everybody for reading my weekly rants and raves.

Heres to another decade of successful blogging!

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