Save time by not locking your computer

Okay, so this is one of those topics that I know may seem pretty fucking dumb,
but I’m telling you, it’s completely legit and isn’t nearly as insecure as you
are probably thinking.

Yes, I’m fully aware that it’s counterintuitive to leave your computer unlocked,
especially in more public settings like an office full of pranksters.

That’s not the setting I’m referring to. I’m talking about leaving your computer
unlocked at your house.

In theory your house should be somewhat of a safe haven and unless you live with
some pranksters or you don’t cover your tracks on your porn habits well enough,
this little trick should be fairly safe.

What I had found is that I was spending a decent amount of time each day typing
out a decently sized password just to be able to sit back down and get back to

Having my system lock after 5 minutes or so meant that every bathroom break,
every time I spent a few moments too many to get a drink or a snack meant I had
to type in quite a few times a day just to get back to work.

This didn’t even account for at least a couple of extra fat fingered attempts
per day.

This got me thinking, I’m in the safety of my own home right now, why the hell
am I being so paranoid about locking my computer after only a few minutes of

And then it hit me, why not just jack up the time it takes before the system
will lock?

Seems dumb, but pushing that time to the max (an hour) has resulted in me only
ever having to put in my password at the start of the day, sans when I know I’m
going to be away more t longhan a few minutes and purposefully SUPER+L.

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